“BDIWT Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.” is one of the marketing partners of Buckman in Bangladesh, focusing mainly in Dhaka & nearby regions. We are highly equipped & comprised of technically know-how team enlightened with Buckman’s wisdom. We provide the latest technologies and vigorous services to our clients to satisfy them in all dimensions. Our products are of world-class standard & our customer oriented services combined with knowledge & experience is the key strength which differentiates us from others. We have software to monitor your system condition. We have the capability to provide you online solution instantly.

 BDIWT Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. with backup from Buckman has prepared a detailed proposal to treat your boiler water systems based on the data provided to improve the performances.

Objectives of our treatment program are as follows:

  1. Maintain heat transfer surface clean from the deposition of dirt, mud and biomass for optimum heat transfer.
  2. Control scaling and maintain clean surface for maximum heat transfer.
  3. Control corrosion to increase the life of the equipment.
  4. Maintain corrosion rate < 3mpy for Mild Steel and <0.2 mpy for Copper metallurgy in 45 days.
  5. Bacteria count will be control within 104.

Our others product and service:

  1. Complete Heat exchanger with gasket.
  2. Basic Chemicals
  3. Effluent Treatment Chemicals.
  4. And others Accessories.






Our Offered Services for GAB Limited.

 (Both Routine & Non-routine):


  1. Treatment will be started under the guidance of Buckman/BDIWT expert. During start-up, our expert will visit at your plant to ensure smooth transition period as well as all the parameters are set within the limit.
  2. We will train your operators, foreman and engineers technical management for the successful application of Bulab treatment at your plant.
  • Special analysis of deposit sample will be conducted at Buckman Singapore/USA if needed to understand the root cause of problem occurring.
  1. Water analysis report will be submitted to you with all the trends, results recommendations and chemical consumption.
  2. Business review will be conducted twice in a year (half yearly).
  3. Technical Expert suggestions anytime over phone & emails.